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Apply Driving License Gujarat Sarathi Parivahan

Apply Driving License Gujarat Sarathi Parivahan is a very simple task, however you are well aware of the process you need to go through. Driving license is a mandatory document to be carried by anyone using a motor vehicle on public roads in Gujarat. In this post, we will guide you on how to get a driving license in Gujarat, apart from how to get an international driving permit and also the process of renewing a driving license in Gujarat.

  • Driving License Gujarat motor vehicle inspectors ignore driving tests conducted to obtain a permanent driving license. Whether you have applied for DL ​​online or offline, you need to visit RTO to take the test. The person must have his own vehicle which should be of the same category for which a driving license is required. If you do not have the necessary vehicle, he can bring a motor vehicle from the driving school

Apply Driving License Gujarat Sarathi Parivahan

Tests for two-wheelers and three-wheelers
For DL ​​for two-wheeler or three-wheeler, the applicant has to drive his vehicle within the given limit and make an ‘eight-figure without touching the pillars embedded in the corner. The observer will also analyze how the applicant can change gears, control the vehicle at an angle or reverse, and how the foot can move comfortably without touching the ground while creating the ‘figure of eight’. If the applicant succeeds in satisfying the inspector, he is allowed for a road test where he should ride properly for some distance on the public road.

Test for four wheeler
The driving test for a four-wheeler is very similar to a two- or three-wheeler. However, in this case, the applicant is required to drive with the marked ‘H’ without touching the column. Once the applicant satisfies the observer with his driving skills, he is required to drive properly for some distance on the public road. If the candidate fails in any test, a re-examination is taken within 7 days and a nominal fee is charged


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    I am driving Institute’s in traning in my village so i am need to driving license so Please as do my four wheelers license update I am ready to your test. In next month. Thanks you.

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    New relwecoloni, dolidhar

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    2 wheeler licence

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