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Emobile google pay loan Fast in any emergency

Emobile google pay loan

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Emobile loan

If you also use Google Pay, this news is for you.  If you need one lakh rupees in any emergency, this service of Google Pay will be very helpful for you.  However, the facility of instant loan has been started by Google Pay. @emobile

You can digitally pay Rs.  You can get a personal loan up to 1 lakh.  It can be repaid in installments of 36 months or a maximum of 3 years.

 Must be a Google Pay user (mobile loan)

 You need to have good credit history and use Google Pay to avail the service.  If this happens then you will get a personal loan of up to one lakh rupees within minutes.

What are the conditions for taking a loan from Google Pay?

To take this loan, the customer needs to be a customer on emobile Google Pay and not have a new account but still should have a good credit history, only then this loan will be available.  Not everyone can get this loan, as it requires a good credit history.
Pre-qualified users can avail this loan from DMI Finance Limited and the loan will be offered through Google Pay.

 DMI Finance launched the service

 However, DMI Finance Limited has launched a new service to offer digital personal loans with Google Pay.

 A win-win for Google Pay users @emobile loan

 Emobile loan Google Pay users will get double benefits under this service.  First you get the Google Pay customer experience.  Secondly, through this platform you can take an instant personal loan from DMI Finance.

 Who will benefit from the loan?

 Not all users using Google Pay will benefit from the instant loan service.  Your credit history will determine whether you will get a loan or not.  Under this facility, pre-qualified eligible users will be determined as per the conditions prescribed by DMI Finance.  Such customers will be given loans through Google Pay.
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 Money will come in minutes emobile online loan

 If you are a pre-qualified customer, your instant loan application will be processed in real time.  The money will reach your bank account within few minutes of the process.

 For how many months will the loan be available? emobile fast loan by google pay

With the help of this you can take a maximum loan of one lakh rupees.  This amount has to be paid in a maximum period of 36 months.  DMI Finance and Google Pay This service is being launched for more than 15 thousand pin codes in the country.

 Know the complete process here

1. First open Google Pay app on e-mobile.
 2. If you are eligible to get a pre-approved loan, the money option will appear under Promotion.
 3. Here you click on loan.
 4. Now the Offers option will open.  In this the DMI option will appear.
 5. Here you have to complete the application.
 6. On processing the application, the amount will be credited to your bank account as soon as the loan is approvedapproved

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Emobile google pay loan interest rate?

 Google Pay Loan mixes in almost all the states of India as well as loans in foreign countries, such as: Google Pay Loan Kannada, Google Pay Loan Apply Malayalam etc. People also search.
 But Google Pay Loan Interest Rate in India is about 1.33 % / Month.  Which are very attractive interest rates.
  • The companies with which Google Pay gives loans, the interest rate of those companies ranges from 1.33 to 2.5 percent per month.  It depends on your credit score.

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Interest rates on loans available on emobile Online vary.  This interest has to be paid from 1.33 % to 2.40 % interest.
 Example:- Friends, assume that you have taken a loan of 50,000 rupees from Google Pay Loan App, you have to pay a total interest of 11,679 rupees for 24 months at 18% interest


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