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  •  Immediate care & help given to a person who is injured or in sick state till emergency help arrives . ( Ambulance / Paramedics / Doctor )
  • First Aid skills can be applied in the home , the workplace or in public locations , therefore the more First Aid certified people there are in a community the safer that community becomes .


  • It Can Help You Save Lives First and can help you attend to a cualty, relieve their pain, and prevent their injures from
  • It Can Help You Spot Hazards First aid can help attune your potential hazard in the home and
  • It is Convenient Our edures are held nationwide. in your home workplace


Benefits of First Aid Training…

  •  First aid training gives you the knowledge and confidence to step in and help when an emergency occurs.
  • By taking action straight away, you could save a life, or at least prevent a person from suffering permanent disability.
  •  After first aid training, you will become more attuned to assessing and enacting the safest emergency responses. Likewise, your senses will be alert to danger, and you will know how to identify and minimise potential hazards in the home and workplace.
  •  This is important, as many common causes of hospitalised injuries happen in the home, including falls, accidental poisoning, and contact with objects.

With help of resources Trained Person can do

To Preserve life

  • To Prevent the worsening of the condition
  • To Promote Recovery
  • Safe Transport

To Develop the Skills and Confidence for Help Someone

  • Person who unresponsive and breathing
  • Is suffering from Shock Is unresponsive and not breathing
  • Is choking
  • Is bleeding
  • Having a head injury
  • Having Heat exhaustion. Having a Brain stroke.
  • Having Heart attack Having Burned
  • Diabetic Emergency.
  • Feels faint
  • Having Electrocuted.
  • Having an injury to a bone, muscle or joint (including spinal injuries).

Very Useful for….

  • → Doctors
  • → Fire-Fighters
  • → Nurses
  • → Paramedics
  • → Aviation Personnel
  • → EMT
  • → Businessperson
  • → Serviceperson
  • → Factory/Establishments
  • → House-Wife
  • → Industries
  • → Small Scale Industries
  • → School & College Students
  • → Police Personnel
  • → Community People
  • → Police Personnel
  • → Government Departments
  • → First Medical Responders
  • → Gujarat State Transport
  • → Corporates

Syllabus of the Training

  •  Basic steps of assessment
  •  Recovery Position
  • CPR Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  •  Bleeding Control & Management ca Fracture Management
  •  Dehydration and Shock Management ca Psycho-Social Support
  •  Poisoning, Bites, Stings Management Safe Transportation


  • Adult First Aid
  • Child First Aid
  • Infant First Aid

Certificate Validity & Renewal Process…

  • Senior Professional Certificate (3 Years Validity)
  • Voucher (5 Years Validity)
  • Medallion (Life-Time Validity)

Required Document

For Senior Professional

  • 2 Passport Size Photos
  • Photocopy of Identity Proof
  • Mark sheet (Any)

For Renewal

  • 2 Passport Size Photos
  • Photocopy of Identity Proof
  • Photocopy of First Aid Certificate

Course structure…

16 Hours Training Module

At Red Cross Centre

  • 8Days x 2 Hours (Every Week New Batch starting from Monday)

Fees  1000/ Participant

At Corporate

  • 3 Days (Total 16 Hours) (Advance Slot Booking)

Applications Fees: 1000/ Participans

Benefits of being Trained…

  1. Save a Human life (Most importantly of one’s own family member).
  2. Be a helping hand.
  3. Empowered by a new skill.
  4. Recognition and appreciation by peer & society
  5. Getting job opportunity. Knowledge of the latest life-saving proficiency….
  6.  Certification by Indian Red Cross Society.
  7. National Headquarters, New Delhi.

Why Red Cross First Aid Training

  • Red Cross first aid training gives you access to best-in-class instruction
  • Complete hands-on training
  • Global First Aid Reference Centre (GFARC)-A centre for excellence to promote quality first aid education.
  • We keep ourselves updated and follow the best global practices.
  • Global leader in First-aid training.

For more information please contact…..

  • Dr. Rudresh Scharma: – 9879205211
  • Naresh Gohel :- 9426305011
  • Email:-

Important Link:

DOWNLOAD First Aid Ebook

Indian Red Cross Society
Gujarat State Branch
Redcross Bhavan
Ashram Road
Juna Vadaj
Phone: 07927557055, 07927557056, 9426305011
Fax: 07927551790
Email :

First Aid Online Classes

  • Learn first aid online, on your schedule. When you take an online first aid class from the American Red Cross, you can learn the latest skills and techniques for administering care – in a way that won’t disrupt your day. Taken entirely online, these courses do not include the opportunity for you to demonstrate skill proficiency to a certified instructor, and therefore may not meet requirements for workplace safety certification. If you must complete a first aid class that allows you to do so, browse our blended Simulation Learning and classroom-based courses.

How Online First Aid Classes Work

  • Designed for parents and teachers, adults and teenagers, troop leaders, coaches, and more, our online first aid courses allow you to help those in crisis receive care until medical professionals arrive. In order to make learning proper first aid techniques possible, we’ve developed online courses that can help you help others in their time of need.
  • To get started, all you need to do is register for a course, then access the materials on a compatible device. (Please read the course description for additional details on compatible devices and/or web browsers.) Once you’ve registered for a class, you can begin the coursework at any time.
  • For additional flexibility, we’ve designed all American Red Cross first aid online safety courses with highly interactive modules, which you can take in virtually any order. This way, you can truly learn your way. Plus, with unlimited two-year access to the course materials, you can take your time getting through class, or complete all of the modules all at once, then revisit the materials and refresh your skills as needed.
  • Online first aid classes give you the skills you need to respond to a wide range of emergencies – and can help those in need achieve the best possible outcomes. If you’re ready to get started, all you need to do is find a class online or in your area. It takes just minutes to register and a few short hours to earn the certification you want.

Reid Heiser, Life Saver

  • One week after 17-year-old Reid completed his Red Cross CPR training, he needed to use it. In November 2011, Reid saved the life of Jim Hammer after he collapsed at the recreation center where Reid worked. Now friends, they share their story.

Red Cross training matters

For more than a century, we’ve prepared people to respond to emergencies of all sizes – from the everyday to the large disaster. Join the millions we train every year and learn the skills that can save a life.

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