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WhatsApp Chat Lock protect your privacy

WhatsApp Chat Lock protect your privacy WhatsApp Chat Lock : Find out how to protect your private WhatsApp chats using the new Chat Lock (WhatsApp Chat Lock) feature. Communicate with yourself how to enable this privacy-enhancing option and hide the obvious. Read on to protect your personal messages today.

WhatsApp Chat Lock

Protecting your privacy on Android and iPhones

Both Android and iPhone users can take advantage of the chat lock feature on WhatsApp. Just like locking apps with a PIN, you can now lock WhatsApp too. However, this new functionality facilitates locking specific chats instead of the entire application. This means you can selectively protect your private conversations while keeping the rest of your WhatsApp accessible.
WhatsApp Chat Lock Protecting your privacy on Android and iPhones

Enabling Chat Lock on WhatsApp?

  • Update your WhatsApp app by visiting Play Store (for Android) or Apple Store (for iPhones).
  • Open WhatsApp on your device.
  • Select the chat you want to lock.
  • Tap on the chat recipient’s profile picture
  • Navigate to the “Disappear Message” menu.
  • Find and enable Chat Lock option.
  • Authenticate the lock by setting a password or using biometric authentication.
  • Certain chats will now be locked and protected.
  • To access locked chats, swipe down on the WhatsApp home page, where a list of locked chats will appear.

How to use Chat Lock ?

  • To use Chat Lock, users simply need to go to the chat settings for the conversation they want to protect and tap on “Lock Chat.” They will then be prompted to create a PIN or use their fingerprint.
  • Once Chat Lock is enabled, users will need to enter their PIN or scan their fingerprint before they can access the conversation after pulling down on the inbox.
  • WhatsApp said that it will be adding new more options for Chat Lock, including locking for companion devices and creating a custom password for chats that will let users set a unique password different from the one used to unlock the phone.
  • Chat Lock is available for all WhatsApp users on Android and iOS and is expected to roll out to everyone over the coming days.

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