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Download women safety App in India governments

Download women safety App in India governments and companies and social service organizations have launched mobile applications Download to promote the growing crimes against women and women’s safety in India. In this article, we have mentioned some of the mobile apps designed to protect women and their features
women safety App

Useful for women safety App

Nowadays, criminal cases against women are seen, in such a situation it is very important to find ways to protect them. Indian government’s new Himmat app How can this sector remain untouched in the twenty first century when technology is everywhere. Various companies and social service organizations have launched mobile apps to protect women.

With the help of this versatile app, women can expect help anytime in difficult situations. Most mobile apps allow you to send messages to the number you enter with just the push of a button. Indian government’s new Himmat app Apart from this, this mobile app designed for the safety of women is also equipped with various modern features. Let’s know about some mobile apps designed for women safety and their features.

Most security applications provide instant messaging service to emergency numbers. But through this app, the user can record a 45 second sound and send it as a message to the emergency number.

Shake2safety App:

Next on our list is a women safety app that will notify and update your loved ones if you are stuck in an unsafe place. It will send all the details related to your location with just a tap of a button. The app will send an SMS to a pre-configured number with your location and a link to Google Maps. .

The app will also click two pictures with the front and back cameras, which are directly uploaded to the server. The women safety app has three colored buttons based on the severity of the situation. So, you can tap the one you need based on your situation.

Indra Shakti Mobile App

This app is a very useful app designed for the safety of women. Once downloaded, this app also works offline. Indian government’s new Himmat app In this, as a safety feature, the woman has to enter the mobile numbers of four people. It has two options for emergency use.

First, when required, launch the application and press the ‘Press’ button. On pressing the button, calls and messages will be automatically sent to the entered number. Second, if the woman or user is not in a position to unlock the mobile, she should press the power button of the mobile thrice, this will call the entered number and send a message asking for help.

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